Tyler Williams | 19 | Human | Open

The Williams family is one of the founding families of Eagle’s Nest. Being the original owners of the Angel Trade Company, and the current owners of the Eagle’s Nest Country Club, a human’s only club complete with tennis courts and wet bar, it is painfully obvious where Tyler and his family’s opinions lie about the status of angels.

All of Tyler’s family had gone to the University of Colorado, attending classes, joining fraternities and sororities and being all around picturesque members of society. That is, until the Angel Laws were instated and the university became desegregated. Unfortunately for Tyler that meant no college, because he hadn’t applied anywhere else, and his family would not allow him to attend a place that allowed angels. 

Tyler felt that the angels were the ones responsible for this, the ones that made his life miserable, and he wasn’t the only one who felt that way. He has been drawing up ideas for an anti-angel movement in the time out of school. Tyler can usually be found around the places that still don’t allow angels access, but it’s becoming harder to continue with that lifestyle as more and more of them pour in to the town to go to college.

Face Claim: Alex Pettyfer

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