Rumor is there used to be only one kind of human- that is, if you consider them human at all.

Welcome to Eagle’s Nest, Colorado, home of the University of Colorado Eagles. A sprawling, idyllic town populated by mostly college aged adults with new and bright ideas- ideas that may make some of the locals a little uncomfortable.

Steeped in tradition, the founding families of Eagle’s Nest still live in the olden days, days in which the winged creatures were traded, sold, and used as slaves. Many of the families are reluctant to change this mindset, although the Angel Laws are becoming harder to ignore- especially with the onslaught of young, fresh minds pouring into the area as the University of Colorado becomes the first state school to integrate. It’s become a riskier deal to keep angels as pets, even with the new names these old families gave them- hired help, entertainers, all thin veils for their true roles as pets- slaves.

With so many different walks of life in one area, it seems that change is inevitable. But with all of the anti-angel movements in private, well.

It’ll be impossible not to ruffle a few feathers.


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2 years ago on May 21, 12