Alexandra “Lexi” Montgomery | 18 | Freshman | Human | Open

Easy-going is something that everyone would describe Lexi. She was always the girl who had a smile on her face and kind words for everyone. A high school cheerleader, Lexi never thought she would be smart enough to get into the University of Colorado, but when she did she was extremely happy. But then things changed and the Angel Laws took effect, something that for so long she had simply ignored: what had been going on behind closed doors. She had angels as servants- everyone did- but she never realized just how wrong it could be before the bills were passed.

Lexi took it upon herself to figure out more about what was going on in her own family and with her friends, but being nosy can certainly get many people in trouble, even easy going girls like her.

Face Claim: Emma Stone 

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2 years ago on May 21, 12